Schedule of Enigma Elevated 20150

29th January

Time Event
9am-12pm Inauguration
11am-1pm Poster presentation/Debate
1pm-4pm Parody Master
2pm-4pm Power point
12pm-3pm Drug Connect
3pm-6pm Antakshari/Mock Interview
11am-6pm Counter strike/NFS
9am-6pm Smart Snap

30th January

Time Event
9am-12pm Recycle/JAM
12pm-1pm Study Search Cell
1pm-4pm Pharma Race/Mock Interview
4pm-6pm Music Mania
Antakshari and Gaming Events(CS and NFS) if not completed on 29th January then its final round will be on 30th January




The most awaited event of our institute is finally here…So guys and girls, get ready for a blast of fun with lots of enjoyment…!!!I am sure EE 2015 will make this year the most memorable year of your life!!!Don’t miss it…



1. Pharma Race :

Are you a lab expert at college! Lets check how fast you can get through these lab works.

2. Drug Connect:

Solve the riddles to reach your clues and make the formulation. The faster the better!!

3. Poster Presentation:

The most participated event is back… present a poster based on d subject given.

4. PowerPoint Presentation:

Showcase your presentation skills in a pharma based powerpoint presentation event!

5. Study Search and Sell:

A combined mix of research and marketing… select a product, research its past present and future…and sell it using your marketing skills!!

6. Mock Interview:

Put on your formals and go for your interview! An Aptitude test + G.D. followed by P.I.


1. Smart Snap:

Click it to win it! Photography competition… get your hands on the camera and capture the best!

2. Parody Master:

Select a sequence out of a given video and enact it your very own way! 

3. Music Mania:

Make your band…get on the stage and rock it!! A music based event for the first time at EE 2K15

4. JAM:

Spontaneity at its fastest! Speak for 1 minute on the given topic.

5. Debate:

Don’t raise your voice…improve your argument!! We bring you a non pharma debate in gujarati.

6. Antakshari:

The most played game of all times… learn as many songs as you can, as this event takes a toll on your music memory!

7. Recycle:

Create best out of waste! Recycle to reuse!

8. AOG – Arena of Gamers:

A gamers cup of tea! CS and NFS! Play it and win it!



 TECHNICAL EVENTS150/- per person

    (+ 60/- (per person) for each added technical/ non technical event after the 2 covered    in 150)


    (+ 60/- (per person) for each added technical/non technical event after the 2 covered in 150)


NON TECHNICAL EVENTS: 120/- Per person

(+ 60/- (per person) for each added technical/non technical event after the 2 covered in 150)


TECHNICAL EVENT90/-( Per person)


NON TECHNICAL EVENT80/- (Per person)


CS (team of 5): 150/-

 NFS: 40/- (per Head)


NFS + JAM : 80/- (per head)


VENUE: Institute of Pharmacy, Nirma University, Ahmedabad.

DATE: 29TH & 30TH JANUARY 2015

Register online at:


For more details, contact:-

Mihir Bhatt:  +91 7405482486

Keval Trivedi:  +91 9712674757

Shantanu Shah:  +91 8000007079

Prabhat Rajput:  +91 9033080479


You can also contact us by message, whatsApp and mail.

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Schedule of Enigma Elevated 2015




Poster Presentation         Rules: -

  1. 2 participants per team. Author and presenter.
2 will be required to be present on the day of event.
  2. A computerized printed poster of 1m * 1m will be required.
  3. Topics will be given 1 month prior to the event. (Choice of topics 
based on core subjects)
  4. The teams will have to submit a soft copy of a 200 words 
abstract, 15 days prior to the event.Based on the abstracts the teams qualifying for finals will be decided.

Topics for the Poster Presentation are:-

1) Recent Advances in Pharmacology/Molecular Pharmacology.

2) Medicinal Chemistry.

3) Novel Drug Delivery System OR Innovations in Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms.

4) Pharmaceutical Analysis.

5) Herbal Technology OR Cosmetic Technology.


         powerpoint Rules: -

  1. Topics for PowerPoint presentation will be based on 3    subjects
  2. Time limit for presentation is 6 mins (5 for presentation and 1 for Q n A). Questions will be asked by judges at the end.
Maximum 10 slides are allowed for content of presentation.
  1. It should not be copied from anywhere. Reference must be added at the last.
  2. Font style is restricted to Times New Roman, Calibri, or Arial for content.
  3. Participants must not add name or symbol of their college and their faculty coordinator’s name.
  4. Judgment will be based on content, accuracy and overall skills.
  5. Decisions of judges will be final.
  6. Participants must maintain professional and decent behavior.
  7. Participants must carry their identity cards along with them.

Topics for Powerpoint Presentation:-

1) Medicinal Chemistry.

2) Pharmacology.

3) Pharmaceutics.

4) Herbal Technology.

5) Modern Analytical Techniques ( Spectroscopy & Chromatography )



Pharma RaceRules: -

  • Maximum two members per team.
  • Participants are requested to reach 15 minutes ahead of schedule.
  • All rounds are based on first come first basis.
  • In every round there will be a specific time limit. Last 5 teams to finish the task will be eliminated.
  • Participants will be tested on their basic laboratory skills developed throughout the course and their efficiency to do it in the minimum time possible.
  • Participants will be given the basic requirements needed for the tasks.
  • Participants should have basic stationary with them- pen, pencil, ruler and glue.
  • The final decision will be in the hands of the organizing committee.
  • In case of breakage of any instrument, the participant shall incur the loss.


    • Study Sell SearchRules: -
      1. Product (Topic of product) will be given to the participants prior to the event. (1 week or in advance)
      2. Participants should send in the abstract of the study of their products prior to the event. (3 days before the events) for evaluation.
      3. A powerpoint presentation regarding their study n search..about the product must be prepared by the participants and presented on the day of event.
      4. The participant will be given 3 mins to sell his/her product. For this participant may develop a poster,video,jingle of ad etc to promote the product.
      • Past development
      • Present status
      • Future perspective
      • Benefits, Application
      • Marketing Benefit of product to the company 
      • Powerpoint: 5+1 mins
      • Selling: 3 mins
      • Q/A: 3 mins
      • Judges will decide on basis of the presentation, marketing and interaction skill, Q/A, Convincing or persuading power.

Final judgment by judges must be accepted.


Drug ConnectRules: -

  1. Per team 2 players are allowed.
  2. No usage of cell phones will be allowed to contact the team members.
  1. Talking or connecting to anyone else except volunteers and team members within competition is not allowed.
  2. If any violation of the given rule is observed then that team would be disqualified on the spot.
  3. If any query or conflicts observed then the final decision would be by the event heads and had to be accepted by every participant.
  • Rules need to be followed as per the procedure: -
  1. Clues will be given to the Number of participants each team.
  2. As per the clues participants will have to collect the basic ingredients.
  3. Then they are supposed to go to the lab & make the formulation.
  4. The judgment will be based on the quality of the product.
  5. Time limit will be 1 hour 30 minutes.

Mock Interview

Rules: -Mock Interview

 The Mock Interview event will be held in Three Rounds

1. Aptitude test +Group Discussion

2. Personal Interview

Rules of Aptitude test + General Discussion : -

1. Initially the first round will be of Aptitude test having questions related to GK, Basics of Pharmacy, current affairs of Pharma field.

2. It is followed by Group Discussion between 5 Participants where the topic will be given on the spot and each individual have to speak for or against it.

3. participants have to speak purely in English.

4. NO offensive language allowed, participant using would be disqualified at the moment.

The judgment will be based on

  • Initiation of discussion
  • Polite speech
  • Application of Knowledge
  • Confidence of the participant
  • Body language
  • Team spirit
  • Precision on topic

The summation of both the rounds will be done and the top 10 participants will be selected for PI.

Rules for PI: -

  1. Bring your resume containing all your achievements and mark sheets.
  2. The event will be judged on the basis of your ability to answer questions, your 
body language, presence of mind and your immediate responses to the situation presented in front of you.
  3. Judge’s decision will be considered as final.



parody masterRules: -

  1. The parody has to be of less than 6 minutes
  2. Maximum no. of participants per team are 5.
  3. The clip of the movie or serial will be shown before hand and the 
participants shall dramatize the parody of the same.
  4. Part of the episode that has been enacted should be brought in the 
pen drive for judging.The judge’s decision shall be considered as the final decision.


Rules :-Smart Snap

1. The Theme of this event is “Indian Heritage”.

2. Participants have to submit only one BEST photograph they have clicked, based on the theme.

3. The original soft-copy and a hard-copy of the photograph is to be submitted.

4. Hard-copy is to be of A3 paper size.

5. Best 20 photographs will be displayed in the exhibition, during 
Enigma Elevated 2k15.

6. Judges decision will be final.


Compositions of soft-copy, the participant submits.Elements in the photograph.


Rules: -Music Mania

  • Team Size: – 3-6 members.
  • At least 1 vocalist and 3 different instruments required 
(different guitars counted individually), including 1 percussion 
instrument compulsory.
  • Rounds: 2 ( Elimination and Finals )
  • Eliminations: Bands can perform any song(s) of their choice, cover or an original composition.
TIME LIMIT: 6-8 minutes (including setup and clearance time)

2) Finals: The 8-10 Bands will be selected for the Final round.

The bands needs to play at least one of its original composition in front of the whole institute. Apart from this, the band can perform any number of songs.
TIME LIMIT: 15 minutes (including the set up and clearance time)

Judging Criteria:
 Quality of vocals, quality of instrumental music, synchronization, choice of song, overall performance as a band.

General Rules:

  1. The songs should have Hindi lyrics. However, a rap/refrain etc. with English lyrics is allowed.
  2. Purely classical numbers are not allowed. However, a classical refrain is allowed.
  3. Obscenity (at the discretion of the judges) of any kind is not allowed and will lead to immediate
  4. Time Limit should be strictly followed. Participants will be penalized by judges for not doing so.
  5. The decision of the organizers with respect to line-up would be final.
  6. The decision of the judges will be binding.


RecycleRules: -

  1. Three hours will be provided in total.
  2. Students can participate in groups of two.
  3.  Kindly bring all the requirements for your art on your own. A minimum of 5 requirements is a set.
  4. Participants are requested to use waste as the main components along with the basic stationary.
  5. Participants will be judged according to their creativity. Decision of the judges will be final and binding.
  6. Winners will be awarded appropriately.

Participants have to make a useful thing using materials which are no longer of use. They are allowed to use any kind of material which is of waste. Ready made will not be allowed. They will be provided enough time to make anything of their choice.


AntakshariRules: -

  1. There will be Three members per team.
Two Will be Actively Playing, one member will be kept for benefits.

For Example- Two Benefits will be Given per team

  1. a) When they need help a clue will be given by us (one time only)
  2. b) During the competition if they want to exchange their partners i.e. 
the one sitting out of the competition can be replaced by the actively playing participant.

2. Participating teams will first go through Elimination Round.

All teams will be divided in two groups, a jumbled song will be given which they have to identify and sing based upon the timing. The team that guesses first will be chosen for Final round.

  1. The number of selected teams after the elimination will go for the 
final competition.
  2. There will be Three Rounds in the Final Competition.
  3. Depending upon the Final scores of individual team the Winning 
team will be selected.
  4. Decision of the judges will be considered final.


Rules: -

  1. The panelists are invited 4 at a time, in rotation, to speak for one minute on a given subject without grammatical errors.
  2. If a witty interjection amuses the audience, but is not a correct challenge, at the JAM MASTER’s discretion the challenger can nevertheless be awarded an extra point (the “bonus point” rule).
  3. A player who makes a correct challenge takes over the subject for the remainder of the minute, or until he or she is successfully challenged.
  4. The person speaking when the 60 seconds expires also scores a point.
  5. The game is then scored and a winner declared, but the attraction of the show lies less in the contest than in the humor and banter among participants and the JAM MASTER.
  6. The final decision is of the JAM MASTER.


Gujrati DebateRules: -

  1. 4 members per team.
  2. 3 rounds
- a line for your view regarding the given topic (for/against)
-1st round : one minute speaking regarding your topic (for/against) -2nd round : 5 minutes of open discussion
-3rd round : 1 minute conclusion (for/against)
  3. Debate should be in pure Gujarati. Use of any other language is strictly not allowed. (-ve marking)
  4. Use of any abusive language is strictly prohibited.
(after one warning he/she will be disqualified from the entire event) (- ve marking)
 Any kind of aggressive gestures, banging of desk etc. are strictly prohibited. (-ve marking).
  6. Topic will be give 72 hrs prior to the event.
  7. Judgment will be based on the individual’s vocabulary, his/her speech and the quality of argument.
  8. Any kind of twist can be given to the participants at time of the event.
  9. Any change in the rules will be informed prior to the participants.


Counter Strike 1.6

GamingRules: -

  • Per team 5 participants are allowed.
  1. NO SLANGS are allowed.
  2. A name of the team has to be given to the volunteer before the 
game starts.
  3. 5 rounds per game in knock-outs and as the level increases rounds per
  4. Game might increase.
  5. Misbehavior with the volunteer will be considered offensive and 
  6. might lead to the disqualification of the whole team.

Need For Speed

Rules: -

1.Judgment will be based the ranks achieved in the race itself.

2.No misbehavior will be allowed. Disqualification will be done of 
the participant who misbehaves.


Kridaangan ’130

Kridaangan ’13 – The Battlefield of Sports, first of its kind, was a two-day University level sports event held on 24th – 25th January 2013 at Nirma University, Ahmedabad. It had been crafted to promote the sportsmanship as  well as competitiveness among the students. The purpose of organizing this event was not only leisure oriented but with an aim of providing students to chance to showcase their athletic skills. More than 300 students had participated in the event and made this event very successful.

The whole event was sponsored by NirLife Health Ltd. and the 5-star events were sponsored by Shiksha. We would like to thank both of them for being there with us!



Watch a compilation of the best clicks from last year by Yashas Srivatsan.

Urban Health Awareness Drive

An “Urban Health Awareness Drive” was another initiative taken up by the Association as a part of health awareness activity where a total of 28 students visited the Parimal Gardens, Ahmedabad.


To enlighten the daily walkers/joggers about the health advantages they would benefit from if they were to make a slight modification to their lifestyle. They were also provided with special tips, depending on their health conditions. Students also explained, in detail, about the common prevailing diseases such as Asthma, Diabetes, and Hypertension etc.

The participants were also provided with a pamphlet regarding small tips that they could inculcate into their daily routine in order to practice a healthy lifestyle. Overall, the event received a good response. At the end of the session, the participants involved, went home wiser, ready to change themselves for the better.

Media Coverage:

1. Urban Health Awareness Drive in Amdavad Pulse

Rural Drive

This was the first major activity undertaken by NIPSA
A health awareness drive was held in the village of Khandor Umbri, Banaskantha District.




Awareness regarding health, sanitation, child care, nutrition and disease was given..


  • Survey
  • Nukkad natak







Nukkad natak was performed and movies related to maintaining hygiene were also screened.


Cloths givingThe village

Medical Camp

Date: 26/08/2012

Venue: 1) Makkanchampa village, Danta, Banaskantha
2) Navavas village, Danta, Banaskantha
This is one of the other health initiatives taken by Nirma Institute of Pharmacy Student Association (NIPSA) to attend a medical camp. This time NIPSA collaborated with Gujarat Vanvasi Kalyan Parishad, which regularly carries out social activities in tribal regions to bring about their upliftment. We came in contact with this association through Nandubhai Menant of B.Pharm Sem-7, Institute of Pharmacy, Nirma University and an active member of NIPSA. The members of this association are doctors and people associated with Pharma field.

The purpose of the visit was to give medical help to the tribal people who have almost negligible health facilities available. The volunteers were divided into two groups. One group went to Makkanchampa village and other went to Navavas village. The tribal people gave a warm welcome to the volunteers. A large number of patients suffering from various ailments participated in the medical camp. Doctors in our group started checking the patients, prescribing medicines and counseling them. Other members like traders of medicines and volunteers like us took part in dispensing the drugs and explaining how to take them. They were also made aware about the hygienic way of living and taking health related precautions.

The majority of the patient health problems included infective diseases, nutrition deficiencies, malaria, allergic problems, etc. Commonly occurring urban health problems like cardio-vascular problems, stress, diabetes, etc were hardly their problems.

All the participants were invited to lunch with “Makai na Rotla” on the menu. They were all very much pleased with the health initiative and appreciated the enthusiastic participation in kind. The group doctors were very much impressed with NIPSA members’ wholehearted participation in the medical camp which was a grand success.

It was a learning experience for NIPSA members to be a part of such a social activity. It has also served the purpose of helping the people deprived of health facilities by responsible health-care students.

Enigma Elevated ’12


It was the first Technical Festival on such a grand scale on 17th March 2012 at the Institute of Pharmacy, Nirma University.

Despite being a first attempt by the Association at organizing such a large scale event, it received a positive response from the Colleges within the State and from a few colleges from Maharashtra.

A total of 333 students participated in the fest. This was only possible due to the lots of hard work put up by the whole organizing body.

Various innovative events had been planned which led to such a great outcome. They were as follows:

1. Poster Presentation:
This was a competition in which the participants had to present on a topic they had previously chosen through a Poster they had made. Hence, the presentation skills of the students were also put to test. This event saw the maximum number of participants.
2. Model Showcasing:
This event tested the creativity and applicability of the concepts. The students were provided with a plain working space on which they have to bring up their model using whatever they felt would be suitable.

The model could be working or static.

The above events were divided into two categories:
Group A: B. Pharm 1st, 2nd and 3rd Years
Group B: B. Pharm 4th year and M. Pharm.

3. Recycle:
This was quite useful for today’s generation considering the amount of things that go into waste. The students were provided with stuff that could be treated as waste, and they had to think up of a way to put them to use.

This event aimed at sensitizing the participants on one of the major problems the World and our country, in particular, is facing, Wastage.

4. Green:
A one of its kind event had been planned for the Plant lovers specifically. But quite a few turned up to the challenge. The participants were supposed to identify plants and had a few sets of exciting rounds in which their Phyto-pharmaceutical education was put to test.

5. Caricature Bits : This was an event for the students who have a bad hand at drawing. All they had to do was to make a story out of the blank comic cut outs that had been provided. Arrangement of the cut outs was entirely based on the participants’ wittiness.

6. Creative Writing: This event included writings ranging from poems to short stories to articles, written in English, Hindi or Gujarati. The entries were accepted before the event date and the winners were announced on the day itself.

7. Carnival:
This was the fun part of the whole Fest. It included stalls for leisure, learning and awareness. As it was open to the whole public, quite a few participants and non-participants were able to take part. This turned out to be the highlight of the event.

Media Coverage:

1. EE ’12 in the Youth Connect Mag

2. EE ’12 in Amdavad Pulse

Photo Gallery


Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

An hour and a half workshop on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, C.P.R, as known colloquially  was recently organized at our Institute . It was just another approach taken up by NIPSA towards promoting social health awareness.

The lecturer for the workshop was Dr. Harshad Bhatt, M.D. (Medicine). He guided us on how to administer first aid treatment for the patients of cardiac arrest or respiratory congestion through a PowerPoint presentation as well as demonstrated it practically.

The presentation was divided into three parts: When to perform C.P.R, How to perform C.P.R and The Importance of C.P.R. A practical session was also conducted on student volunteers who got to know exactly how to go about the whole procedure. It turned out to be a very interactive workshop indeed.

The hosts, Ms. Vihasi Jain and Ms. Nisha Khatri, both of B. Pharm Sem III, did quite a good job on their first attempt.

Around 50 interested students, both from B. Pharm and M. Pharm, attended the workshop along with the Patron, Dr. Manjhunath Ghate  and Chairperson, Dr. Vimal Kumar, who stayed on till the end.

The workshop was highly constructive and really worth giving time for. The students left with smiles knowing that they were now equipped with something that could actually be of use in life threatening conditions.

Rational Use of Drugs – An Awareness

The basic terminologies for the presentation are listed below:

What is OTC?
OTC (Over the Counter) medicines are the medicines that are sold to the consumer by a health professional without a prescription.

Rational and Irrational drug use
Rational use of drugs requires that patients receive medications as per their clinical needs, in right doses at right time interval and at lowest possible costs to them and the community.
It includes appropriate indications, drugs, patient, information, monitoring.
Unfortunately, in real practice, prescribing patterns do not confirm to these criteria and can be classified as irrational prescribing.

The consumption of a substance, without physician input, to compensate for any medical or psychological condition.

Antibiotics and steroids
ANTIBIOTICS are substances or compounds that terminate bacterial growth or the bacteria themselves. They are used to treat infections caused by microorganisms like fungi and protozoa.

STEROIDS are compounds that practically mimic the action of the adrenal glands which is the body’s most powerful regulator of general metabolism. It is highly potent in treating inflammatory and allergic conditions.

Stop misuse of these drugs

Habit forming drugs
Drugs tending to cause or encourage addiction, especially through physiological dependence.

Adverse drug reactions (ADR’s)
Any noxious, unintended and undesired effect of a drug which occurs at a dose used in humans for prophylactic, diagnostic or therapeutics purpose.

Patient counseling
Patient counseling is defined as providing medication information orally or in written form to the patients or their representatives on directions of use, advice on side effects, precautions, storage, diet and life style modifications.

Patient compliance
Compliance describes the degree to which a patient correctly follows medical advice.
We hope that these guidelines help you in working out your views on promotion of rational use of drugs. We would appreciate your wholehearted involvement to make it a successful awareness drive.